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Why hospice care benefits your loved one sooner than you think

hospice care benefits
Discussing with your loved one about hospice care benefits is a touchy subject. It can lead to uncomfortable conversations with a spouse or loved one. It doesn’t mean that you want them to move aside but instead care for their well being as they age. Most individuals at a certain stage in life welcome the discussion of end-of-life planning if given the right opportunity.

In this article from PBS Newshour by Leah Eskenazi, it discusses why a hospice may benefit loved ones sooner that you think. The main themes of the article discuss the current usage of the hospice system and how it is changing, how MediCare fits in to the hospice system, and what services the hospice provides.

What you may not know is there is a large underutilization of the hospice system, and taking care of yourself as the caregiver can also come into play. This is something the hospice can step in and aid with as well.

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