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United States Funeral Traditions

United States Funeral Traditions
In America, many events coincide with a funeral service. United States Funeral Traditions are that each “traditional” funeral is made up of different gatherings dependent on the circumstances of the death.

In the article, “U.S. Funeral Traditions“, The Funeral Source goes into detail the different parts that make up a traditional funeral service in the United States.

The Visitation or the Viewing is set for more distant relatives and friends to come and pay their respects to the family. The deceased is usually displayed in a coffin to be “viewed”. The visitation can either be an open or closed casket display.

The Funeral or Memorial is where closer family members and friends attend a service ran by clergy members. The attendees are allowed to view the body one last time and friends and relatives are encouraged to give a eulogy regarding the deceased.

A burial service, conducted at the side of the grave at which the body of the decedent is buried or cremated at the

In many traditions, a meal or other gathering following the burial service, either at the decedent’s church or another off-site location.

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