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The Spirit of AFN

The Spirit of AFN



…And welcome to the Affordable Funerals Network ( AFN is a network of reputable, service-minded Funeral Home owners across the nation who believe in offering Premium Service Arrangements at a reduced price. One of the keys to success for any Entrepreneur is to give his or her client much more than they pay for. Another major key to success is to go where your market is and show them what you have to offer.

It has been predicted that within the next five years 57% of All funeral arrangements made nationally will originate on the World Wide Web.  It is a documented fact that in the year 2014 the number of people looking at their Tablets and Phones exceeded those who were looking at television. Therefore the Firms who are located in our targeted markets are knowledgeable of these stats and are  #1.Coming to you via the InterNet and #2. Offering you much more in Traditional Funeral Services at a greatly reduced price point when you consider the fact that the average Traditional Funeral Service now exceeds $8,000 easily in most markets. That doesn’t include Cemetery expenses, just Casket and Services of Funeral Home. The AFN firms servicing targeted markets know for a fact that the over the fence conversation has just about come to an abrupt stop. Now the InterNet is the place the consumer is going for information about any service industry. 

So, here we are along with other related info on Legal matters, and an extensive Hospice Directory will be on the site in February of 2016. Last, but not least a lot of valuable Funeral Industry info that will help you navigate through one of the most stressful situations one can be confronted with, the demise of a loved one. The material will be refreshed twice weekly. So, in the words of Judge Glenda Hatchett (yes, seen on T.V.), our in-house Legal Authority, “ONWARD!”

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