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The Messenger of Misery


Today one of our AFN Family members received a phone call I’m sure accelerated her heartbeat to say the least. I wasn’t there, but I’m sure the phone call began something like this, “Your Mother has been rushed to the hospital…etc.”  When Marlon Brando was asked how he was feeling after his son had been charged with murder his reply was  “The messenger of misery has visited my family today.” The truth is that we all could be next on the messenger’s visitation list. In fact, statistics say it happens in all of our lives at least twice a year.

As public servants we are expected to have all the answers and some how be immune to the messenger’s visits.  I’m sure all of the Providers in the AFN family have had to be strong for the families that have called upon them for help at a very difficult time in their lives. Let’s turn the lens around. What does the public servant do when all of a sudden, during their demanding day, they receive news that makes their heartbeat accelerate?  Some say that those times have helped them develop more compassion for the families they serve, but to whom do they turn to when the lens has been turned on them?

Today we lift up our AFN Team Member who has offered her expertise and experience to the clients of the AFN Providers during their time of need. Today we ask all of the Powers that be put Faith in to permeate her being and give her peace in a trying time. Today, we ask for Peace to dwell in her mother’s Spirit as she faces an unexpected health challenge. We declare that she will be up and planning a future skydiving experience in the very near future. We give “Thanks” in advance for the matter to be in control and unable to cause any harm at all. Be in Peace…


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