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Become a partner and take advantage of the benefits.

Partner Benefits

Welcome to our Partner page. In order to assist our partners in their day-to-day operations, Affordable Funerals Network (AFN) has enlisted the services of the following payment processing, business funding, digital solutions, funeral supply and funeral coach companies.

Making a difference in payment processing services

Processing over 8 billion in credit cards per year, we are here to be your business consultant for electronic payments. We can guarantee savings through traditional pricing or eliminate your processing fees completely through the Rise Free by Chosen Payments. This program allows you to decide if you want to receive a cash discount or cover 100% of your credit card processing fee for the transaction.

Finally, an alternative to conventional business loans

Rapid Capital Funding is a direct funder that offers a variety of financing solutions for the small business community that are available nationwide.
Tired of waiting on banks to provide the working capital you need for your business? After weeks to months of lengthy applications and invasive processes, traditional banks may not even approve you for the money you need.

The #1 platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses

Vendasta’s platform helps agencies and media companies sell digital solutions to local businesses. If you’re looking for higher-quality leads, better pipeline management and a single source of truth for your data, you’re at the right place. Sell more effectively to local businesses

Finally, an alternative to conventional business loans

Affordable Funeral Supply is your source for high quality, affordably priced funeral products. Our convenient online ordering, exceptional customer service, and our unbeatable prices have made us one of the premier funeral supply companies in the world today.

The Heritage of a caisson, with the Prestige of a coach

The COASSON® Funeral Coach is a dignified and cost-effective vehicle solution for conveyance and display. Coasson vehicles are immune to model change and outdating, are very maneuverable, easily-towed by any fleet vehicle, and can reduce the cost of Hearse Ownership by up to 70%.

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