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How to Determine the Cost of Funerals


The cost for burial and funeral services can vary dramatically, which means figuring out how much money you’ll need for your own funeral or that of a loved one can be a tricky equation. Here are a few of the things that help determine the cost of a funeral.

Professional Services

This is the cost of a funeral director, embalming, and other services that may be provided by a funeral director.

Facilities and Staff Services

If you choose to have a viewing, visitation, or a funeral service, you may be required to pay to rent a facility and pay staff. Don’t forget that in addition to a traditional funeral service, you may need to pay staff for a graveside service as well.


Transporting the body of the deceased costs as well. You’ll need to figure in costs related to taking the body to the funeral home as well as the cost to transport the deceased – often via hearse – to the funeral and then to a graveside ceremony. Some families also choose to rent a limousine to transport grieving family members from the funeral to the graveside ceremony.

Casket or Urn

Here, expenses can really add up. A casket can cost as little as $2,000, but some caskets cost as much as $10,000. Funeral directors may also inquire about a grave liner or a burial vault. Cremation urns cost less.

Grave Marker

A flat headstone can be purchased for as little as $1,000, though the average one costs between $2,000 and $3,000. You may also incur fees for the installation of the headstone.

On average, a funeral costs about $7,000. However, by purchasing a package deal through a funeral home, you may be able to spend significantly less.

The Affordable Funerals Network specializes in helping families honor their loved ones with memorable, personalized funeral services that are cost-effective. In a time of grief and high emotions, the last thing a grieving family needs is unexpected costs.

Though AFN’s website, you can search for an affordable funeral service provider in your area and find a cost-effective funeral service that honors and cherishes the life of your loved one. If you’re still reeling from a loss and wondering where to turn for a celebration of life that will allow you to reflect on cherished memories, AFN offers our condolences. And we’re here to help.

The funeral process through AFN starts in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You’ll answer a few questions confidentially online, and then view a private online showroom to decide which option meets your needs. Then you’ll be connected with one of AFN’s exclusive service providers in your area who will help you put the finishing touches on a celebration of life ceremony that honors your loved one.

We offer four major categories of celebration of life services including traditional, serenity, compassion, and keepsake cremation. Each includes services with a casket and a choice of burial, entombment, or cremation. Each package offered through AFN includes the professional services of a funeral director, embalming and body preparation, transfer of remains, and a steel casket.

Whether you need pre-planning services or have an immediate need, we’re here to help. Visit us online today or give us a call for a free consultation.

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