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Help Texts is a bereavement care tech platform that has recently expanded its services to include support for healthcare workers who are experiencing stress and burnout.

Help Texts provides a mobile service that sends advice and supportive messages via text to bereaved individuals.

Help Texts brought together an entire group of professionals from a variety of practices with experience in grief care to create the substance of Help Texts.

Hospice families who are in the “anticipatory grief” period can request a 12-month subscription from their hospice providers, clinician or licensed medical social worker (LMSW) or social worker. As representatives of your hospice agency they will explain to you how to qualify for a free subscription.

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  • =Vast selection of caskets and urns with savings up to 85%.
  • =Insurance Verification
  • =Probate Information
  • =Various detailed information on the next continuum of care through our downloadable Met Life Funeral Preparation Guide pdf

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