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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does AFN work?

With Affordable Funerals Network, your process starts from the privacy of your own home. Yet, you don’t have to sacrifice personalized service with our cost-effective options. You’ll start by answering a few questions as part of our confidential intake process. Next, you can view our private online showroom to determine which option is ideal for your needs. Once you have made your selection, you will be prompted to view the Exclusive AFN Funeral Service Provider in your area, and make the call from the information provided. The funeral service provider will then guide you through the completion of the arrangements to celebrate the life of your loved one.

What choices do I have for a Funeral Service?

You can make additional selections of caskets, and types of service through your provider.

What's included in AFN's traditional service package?

Just because you’re receiving a reduced rate, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on the quality of service. As with the services provided by traditional funeral homes, Affordable Funerals Network provides a comprehensive package that includes:

  • The professional services of a funeral director and staff
  • Embalming and other preparation of the body for visitation and a traditional funeral service
  • Use of staff and equipment
  • Transfer of remains to a funeral home within a 25-mile radius
  • Use of transportation services within a 25-mile radius, including a casket coach/hearse; a cemetery lead car and limo (optional)
  • Register book and acknowledgement cards
  • High quality caskets from our color choices
  • Online memorial obituary (through your provider)

Can we still have a traditional funeral service if we choose cremation?

Yes. If you decide upon cremation as your preferred method of disposition, it is included at no additional cost with your arrangement. You will still have the option of inviting friends and family to a viewing and service that includes the traditional aspects of a funeral, including a rental casket.

How do i choose a funeral director?

You can be assured that all of the funeral service providers in our network have been selected because of their extensive experience, their certification in the industry, and their dedication to providing compassionate guidance during a difficult time in people’s lives. Upon completion of the service selection process you will be given an Affordable Funerals Network provider within your 50 mile radius.

What are my options in the case of a wrongful death?

You already may have consulted an attorney in the case of a wrongful death lawsuit. If not, you may want to consider contacting one if the death of your loved was the result of negligence on the part of another person, including careless driving, or an intentional unlawful act, such as assault and/or battery. Wrongful death also can result from medical malpractice, product defects, premises liability and workplace accidents. Essentially, anytime someone dies because of anything other than natural causes, there is a possibility that someone else or an entity is legally to blame. These all can be the basis for a lawsuit filed against the party or parties who caused the death in support of the deceased. An attorney can provide legal advice that could lead to the cost of funeral services being covered as well as other financial support the family otherwise would have received from the deceased.

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