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Coping With the Death of Your Pet

Coping With the Death of Your Pet
Human death is naturally a life changing event. The stages of grief of very relevant and we have all gone through them. What about coping with the death of your pet?

Our pets are becoming very central figures to our lives. In relation to humans, some individuals can’t comprehend the grief we have for our pets in the same manner as humans.

In the article “Coping With the Death of Your Pet” from the Humane Society of America, they discuss the very issues related to the death of our beloved pets. Much like the loss of a human there are very clear stages of grief, and support services for those grieving over the loss of a pet. The article discusses what should be done for various age groups should as children and seniors. Information on dealing with other household pets and whether or not you should replace a pet who has passed quickly is also a topic discussed.

Remember that when you are ready to replace a pet that your local humane society is a great place to find one.

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