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5 Things We Love About Funeral Directors

The Answering Service for Directors (ASD) posted this article in regards to why they enjoy working with funeral directors. According to Family-Member owner Kathy Kelley, “No one else cared about the quality of the person answering the phone. They just…

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Life, Grief and Mourning

  The above mentioned describes the experience one has when faced with a loved one who is transitioning from this life experience to the next. We grieve because we hate to see the psychological and physical pain our loved one…

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The Messenger of Misery

  Today one of our AFN Family members received a phone call I’m sure accelerated her heartbeat to say the least. I wasn’t there, but I’m sure the phone call began something like this, “Your Mother has been rushed to the hospital…etc.”  When Marlon Brando…

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The Spirit of AFN

The Spirit of AFN   Greetings! …And welcome to the Affordable Funerals Network ( AFN is a network of reputable, service-minded Funeral Home owners across the nation who believe in offering Premium Service Arrangements at a reduced price. One of…

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