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Life, Grief and Mourning


The above mentioned describes the experience one has when faced with a loved one who is transitioning from this life experience to the next. We grieve because we hate to see the psychological and physical pain our loved one faces and endures due to an illness that accompanies maturing during this lifetime. The loss of the days when we saw our loved ones healthy and in their prime, able to live, and give to both society and their family causes us to mourn. The mourning continues on after their death and becomes even more intense after the loss of the vessel that housed them during this experience we call life.

Knowing these are some of the facts of life that Generation X and some of the Millennials are experiencing as they see their loved ones die is why AFN.COM not only has a listing of compassionate, dedicated Funeral Home owners but, we are also comprising a comprehensive listing of Hospice Organizations right in your community.  Because AFN.COM realizes the same compassion and sensitivity displayed by the funeral service providers AFTER the death of a loved one is as equally necessary BEFORE the death occurs, we will soon have an official Hospice Directory on our site.

Since it’s beginning, Hospice has been a growing source of care and loving attention a growing number of families are turning to as a result of our aging population. It has been reported that in 2014 Hospice was involved in approximately 47% of all end of life experiences with their services being rendered in hospitals, nursing homes and even private residences throughout the nation. AFN.COM will only list five hospice organizations in each market to avoid burdening down the on-line researcher of too much information. 
It is our hope that providing information on both Industries (funeral services and hospice) will help lighten the burden of being the primary caregiver for a loved one. 

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