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Please accept our sincere condolences if you’ve lost a loved one and Thank You for choosing the Affordable Funerals and its Affordable Funerals Network Mobile App to assist you in navigating through this experience.  Because we care about your total beingwe advise you to also check out the different articles and books that are written by expert clinicians in the “RESOURCES” portal on the AFN Mobile App to help you before, during, and after, your own unique grieving process.

We understand that you want to take care of the business of laying to rest your loved one as problem free as possible. That is why we’ve brought together Professional Funeral Directors throughout the U.S. who are not only experienced, but innately concerned about the Families they are privileged to serve. Therefore, they understand that everyone is certainly not prepared emotionally, and occasionally financially for this major expenditure.  The AFN Mobile App empowers you to be in immediate contact with an AFN Affiliate Funeral Home in your area that automatically extends a 20% discount on Professional Services and Merchandise selected and the option of carefully planning the arrangements in the comfort of your home in addition to Livestreaming of the actual Funeral Services. Thanks again, for allowing us to be alongside you on this journey.

Yours In Service,

Affordable Funerals

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Affordable Funerals Network offers you numerous choices for funeral home and cremation services. All categories include services and a casket with your choice of a ground burial, entombment or cremation.


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Our selection of funeral arrangements allows you, your family and friends to honor your loved one with a memorable home going celebration. Each of the funeral arrangements include thoughtful services for your comfort and convenience.


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We understand that losing a loved one is a difficult time emotionally and financially. That’s why we offer the convenience of the AFN Mobile App to start the process of making funeral arrangements in the privacy of your own home.

About Affordable Funerals Network (AFN)

Losing a loved one is among the most difficult journeys in life.  You’re dealing with your loss, faced with the complexities of arranging a funeral and, more than likely, daunted by the expenses involved.  With Affordable Funerals Network, you can honor your loved one with a memorable funeral service that is more cost-effective than other services.  We help you hold a celebration of life that allows you to cherish and reflect on special memories you shared with the deceased.  Our low cost funeral services provide the right atmosphere for you to express your love, grief, and other emotions that come with losing a loved one.

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Sometimes, death does not result from natural causes but is caused by the negligence of others. These deaths are called wrongful deaths and there are specific laws that may provide compensation to families who have lost their loved one(s) due to a wrongful death.

Affordable Funerals Network has created a strategic partnerships to provide legal counsel for those individuals who feel their loved ones suffered a wrongful death.

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